Yasemin Karakaya / İstanbul

"Taylor Spatial Frame" / "Leg Lengthening with Motorized Nails"

Who is Prof. Dr. Metin Kucukkaya?  I know all of you are expecting from me straight out of an encyclopedia. He graduated from X University. He received his training at Y Hospital. In W year he became a professor, etc. No, I won't provide any information like this, but I will tell you about some very important things he did for me.  

Prof. Dr. Metin Kucukkaya is the first person in Turkey to use "the Taylor Special Frame",  "Lengthening Technique with Motorized Nail", and "Magnetic and Remote Extension Length Method". Dr. Kucukkaya is the ultimate authority on limb lengthening in Turkey.  

The long story behind my meeting with Dr. Kucukkaya began with my falling down the stairs. I came to know this much sought after valuable scientist purely by coincidence, not knowing who he was. The two methods applied for the first time in Turkey by him were actually done on the same leg, where there had also been a hip dislocation existing since birth, despite having had several surgeries in the past which had produced painful results and provided little relief. In addition, my femur was crooked and was 4.5cm too short. On January 14, 2010, in an operation that lasted about 5 hours, the Motorized Nail was placed inside my femur. Thanks to this nail my crooked femur was corrected and lengthened by 4.5 cm.  The whole process took 5.5 months, and I started to walk in July 2010.                                                                                                                                             

However, Dr. Kucukkaya also noticed my uneven knee, assuring me that after the operation that would also be fixed. I wasn't even aware that there was a treatment for addressing an uneven knee. It was beyond what I could have imagined. When he said that and then left the room I could not help but cry tears of joy. Later, in August 2010 there was a tibia correction operation and the "Taylor Spatial Frame" was inserted. The treatment lasted 3.5 months. Then in December 2010, the fixator was removed from my leg. In September 2011, the Motorized Nail that had been fitted to my femur bone was removed. I am speaking in the past tense because all my treatment had ended months before that. When the treatment finally ended, it was impossible not to notice the change in my leg that had occurred since the beginning of the treatment, as if a magic hand had touched my leg and transformed it into a work of art. :)))

Although Dr. Kucukkaya did not speak positive messages to me before the operation, I trusted him very much and really believed in his abilities! I was anxiously awaiting both operations. He had a confident way about him. It made me as the patient give my all to this one-of-a-kind person who would be responsible for performing all this work on me, and to do so to the best of my abilities. I never gave up the fight, didn't lose my faith, and always felt safe with my doctor. You can see that I was very happy with the treatment. Yes, it was a long process, but when I think about this period I worked with a doctor whom I trusted, and as a result of this miracle leg, could see a comfortable life waiting for me. Words can not express the happiness and excitement I feel.                                                              

In a video I was watching of him, made after my treatment, of his magnetic extension operation with Hande Karaman, he said, "This is my dream. I have done something I did not imagine, which is reaching the unimaginable. It is impossible to describe how happy this makes me."

Today when I look at my leg, even though months have passed and I haven't gotten completely used to the new situation, I'm still crying tears of joy. Thanks to Dr. Kucukkaya I understand what it is to cry tears of happiness. I know that Dr. Kucukkaya has always been interested in this area of medicine, but I wanted to remind everyone of how I felt in writing this experience.

It was the best gift in my life: lengthening a leg which I had never thought of having lengthened (because I had dealt with this situation too much in the past), and correcting an uneven knee. For this I have a debt of gratitude to everyone involved. "A person whose hand should be kissed" is an expression used to describe a person for whom one has such an enormous debt of gratitude. That is who Dr. Kucukkaya is for me.  

This writing I am creating on behalf of hundreds of patients like me, not only for myself, remembering this wonderful person who has given me a comfortable life at the age of 32 (while celebrating my birthday). Therefore, it is not only for those who have benefitted from his treatment, but also to inform people who really need these types of treatments...people who wish to have nice, happy, healthy and peaceful lives full of success.

Who am I? I remember the old patient Yasemin Karakaya with tears of happiness and think about a person who never gave up on believing in and trusting her doctor, and who would not let any obstacle stop her from having a big smile on her face.