Turgay Yıldırım / İstanbul (Yaş: 42)

Deformity in the Hip and Knee Joint:

At the age of 42, the pain in my right hip began to increase. When I was young I had dealt with Perthes Disease, which resulted in the fusing of the hip bone as well as years of hip and knee joint curvature that led to an 8cm shortness. Prosthetic surgery was required for the hip pain, but the effects of the procedure as well as the life of the prosthesis were shortened. 

Lengthening procedures that used conventional methods were not possible because they could lead to an infection in the prosthesis. In cases such as this, however, using a lengthening nail together with a prosthetic could provide a bone extension. In the same procedure the surgeons performing the prosthesis surgery used the lengthening nail.      

In the post-op period, a magnetic extension rod was controlled externally to facilitate the lengthening. After 42 years, the patient could walk normally without any discomfort.