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"Fitbone" Motorized Lengthening Rod Method

By the time he was 14 years old, following a childhood accident he had experienced, he developed a deformity in his right leg that had reached 14cm. There was also outward curvature of the leg.  Because his family was wary of using an external fixator for his leg that fit the Ilizarov external fixator methods of treatment, they were unable to make a decision about the treatment.  With the "Fitbone" motorized lengthening rod method, however, the curvature in the leg was completely corrected during surgery and afterwards a 14cm bone extension was achieved. This degree of extension is the largest bone extension that is achievable in the world with a patient of this age. A very intensive rehabilitiation was assisted by a team of professionals throughout the treatment because it was important to ensure that both the muscles as well as the other joint peripheries would adapt to the new bone length and not compromise the functionality.  The treatment took 10 months to complete. Thanks to the treatment, the patient returned to a normal range of activities and was able to take part in all types of sports without needing assistance, or support, and without discomfort. However, he would not have been abe to achieve these results using the older conventional methods.